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제목 L

High Resoultion/Frame Video Image
Insight technology of camera provides high quality video
images for Digital Video x30 1080P 60fps / CVBS.
Long Distance Surveillance at Night
Can be surveillance more than 150M at night By High sensitivity cameras and High-power(18W) IR LED.
3D+2D NR(Noise Reduction)
NR refers to an image processing technology that removes noise from an image signal. Noise Reduction Filter effectively removes noise, thereby providing clearer, brighter more vivid images even in dark areas.
Auto ICR
In order to best monitor both the day and night environments, Camera is capable of changing its image mode from color to B/W. Automatically turn on High-power IR LED when ICR On for provide the necessary light for night surveillance.
WDR(Wide Dynamic Range)
WDR allows the dark portions of a bright image to be shown clearly, thus enhancing details and removing noise.
Digital Zoom
By combination of optical and digital zoom is the ability to expand up to x360 zoom.
Privacy Zone Masking
By setting the privacy zones, it is possible to prevent the violation of one’s privacy as you monitor the interior or exterior of a building.
When the surrounding area of the subject is foggy and low contrast, the defog mode will make the subject appear clearer.
BLC(Back Light Compensation)
When the background of the subject is too bright, or when the subject is too dark due to shooting in the AE mode, back light compensation will make the subject appear clearer.
HLC(HighLight Correction)
HLC is a function to adjust AE and AF, and to perform the masking of light area as required when a high intensity spot light is detected.
MD(Motion Dectection) & MD Alarm
This function instructs the camera to detect movement within the monitoring area and then send an alarm signal automatically.
White Balance
By supporting the White balance of the 6 modes to correct the color of the image based on the color and temperature of the light source.(Auto / Manual / ATW / Onepush / Outdoor / Indoor)
Image Stabilizer
Image Stabilizer function reduces image blurring caused by, for example, vibration, which allows you to obtain images without much blurring.
Built in Heater / Fan / Temp Sensor
Sufficient performance in extreme temperatures with built in the heater / fan / temperature sensor for inside temperatures control & prevent fogging..
High Speed Pan / Tilt / Zoom(PTZ)
The PTZ camera, it quickly and thoroughly monitors the preset areas by using high-speed panning and tilting functions.
Preset / Tour / Swing / Alarm Setting(PTZ)
This is one of the PTZ camera’s functions that presets the area to be monitored and allows the camera to continuously monitor particular areas by turns. this is a necessary function for unmanned surveillance.
Motorized Pan/Tilt
FDS/FDX series can be controlled remotely camera position through the motorized Pan / Tilt from a long distance.
Explosion Proof d / tb Surveillance Camera
II 2 GD / Ex d IIC Gb T6 / Ex tb IIIC Db T80℃, IP 66/68 Certified IECEx / ATEX / KCs
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